fancyhd on mac with TeXshop w. latex and dvi

ran into some strange problem with Latex under mac os snow leopard:

When i try to compile a LaTeX document with a makefile or using TeXwork with the setting: Latex+DVI i do not get correct footers using fancy


Using TeXshop with: Latex and setting Latex+DVI i dont get any footers.

When i compile the same document with pdftex setting in TeXshop i get a correct file with footers.

Using a makefile which runs fine under linux also does not solve the problem und mac.

So i tried the same document and makefile under linux and it works.

So it seems when you want to use fancy headers and footers you have to use Pdftex in TeXshop, this means you have to use JPG format for your images. EPS does not work in PDFtex. If you want to use EPS figures and fancy footer you HAVE to use a native linux system it seems.

Perhaps somebody can help me?

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