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run shell scripts from finder

here is a simple (and quite slick) way of running shell scripts from the finder.

Simply append ‘.command’ to the script name,e.g. test.command, when the script is double clicked from the Finder a terminal window will open and the script is excuted.

The script will of course need execute permissions (chmod ug+x will do the trick) in order to run.

Open Finder in Current Directory

open .

To open your home directory in finder run this:

open ~

Your documents:

open ~/Documents

Mac Ports für xephem:


holt man sich das portfile, kopiert es in einen neuen Ordner

> mkdir testfolder

und startet

> sudo port install testfolder

und alles läuft reibungslos (getestet unter Snow Leopard mit xephem 3.7.4)

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